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Are you struggling with stress, worry, or negative thinking? Do you notice yourself falling into destructive habits and patterns of behaviour? Maybe you are feeling stuck and unable to find a way out of your difficulties. Do you constantly have with feelings of not being good enough? It may be that you are facing challenges at work or home. Perhaps there are with feelings of low self esteem and a lack of confidence that burden you? Do you know a friend, colleague or family member who might need support? Having space to make sense of and learn helpful ways of addressing your difficulties can help put things in perspective.


The main approach that I work with is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a practical approach which focuses on changing problematic thinking styles and behaviour patterns through the use of solutions, tools and techniques. CBT is evidence based and the main form of therapy used within the NHS. If you are hoping to make changes fairly quickly and acquire direct solutions to your difficulties then CBT is a great option: most clients notice a change within six sessions and are able to see significant improvements within 10-12 sessions. For long-standing and/or complex difficulties a longer course of therapy may be required. I have now moved my practice to online and offer  CBT via online (Zoom, Skype) and Telephone sessions.


About Me:


I am a BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Membership number: 161003 Find Me on the official register here: Over the past 12 years, I have worked across the UK in various mental health and wellbeing settings: I have worked for Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and also privately for Cambridge CBT.


I am experienced in working with a wide variety of presentations including: Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Health Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, Social Anxiety, Body Dysmorphia, Perfectionism, Low self- esteem, PTSD, Trauma and also Long-Term Physical Health Conditions. I utilise a transdiagnostic approach, integrating CBT models and formulations with processes that occur across disorders. This for example includes working with processes such as and Rumination and Intolerance of Uncertainty as well as painful emotions such as Shame and Guilt. Further to this, I have found it effective to incorporate third wave approaches such as Compassion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance Skills into my clinical work. Central within my practice is the belief that effective therapy is flexible and able to address the unique difficulties that individuals present.

Cultural sensitivity and awareness of diversity are key within my practice; I am experienced in working with people from varied backgrounds, ages, cultures and a wide range of difficulties. I have completed further training in working with Long Term Conditions such as diabetes, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, IBS, CFS, ME and medically unexplained symptoms. I can provide personal and professional experience which is affirming of differences, including: diverse genders, sexualities, relationships, lifestyles and individuals that may identify as LGBTQIA. As part of my NHS work, I have run groups for social anxiety, generalised anxiety, low mood and encouraging healthy lifestyles. I recently facilitated a CBT group for a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic based in Newmarket, Suffolk.

I trained as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in 2012 and upon qualifying in 2013 worked in various NHS primary care settings across the UK. In 2014 I played a key role in delivering and developing a Primary Care service rehabilitating offenders in Manchester. Prior to this, I worked as a psychology assistant in a low secure forensic hospital in Liverpool and as a key worker in supported living for individuals with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. Alongside employment in mental health, I worked as an Academic Mentor for university students facing emotional and physical challenges in completing their studies. My work with the NHS has included providing supervision to Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and facilitating skills-based groups for therapists.

I have found it useful to integrate a therapeutic approach called Narrative Therapy into how I work. Narrative Therapy focuses on the stories that we develop and carry through our lives. As we experience events and interactions, we give meaning to those experiences and they, in turn, influence how we see ourselves and our world. We can carry multiple stories at once, which may for example, relate to our self-esteem, relationships and work. Narrative Therapy has been helpful in working with individuals who may experience marginalisation, oppression and/or experiences that do not fit within dominant cultural norms and values. Therapeutic change can include exploring stories of the self, helping individuals externalise their difficulties and co-authoring new narratives. My interests include, working with experiences of community (or lack of), not belonging, rejection and isolation. Fear, guilt, shame, invalidation and disconnection are themes that I believe are significant in emotional difficulties and distress.

I am in regular supervision for my clinical work and have had my own therapy as part of my personal and professional development. I'm warm and approachable and work collaboratively, centring clients as experts in their lives. I help clients to reconnect with their skills, competencies, values and abilities. You will be able to take away effective tools and techniques that allow you to become your own therapist. I can provide flexibility around appointments with morning, daytime and evening options available. I provide CBT in various locations in Cambridge as well as online (Zoom, Skype) and CBT via telephone.


Areas that I work with:

  • Anxiety

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder

  • Depression

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Panic Disorder

  • Social Anxiety

  • Low Self -Esteem and confidence issues

  • Binge Eating

  • Work-related difficulties

  • Body Dysmorphia

  • Perfectionism

  • Worry

  • Sleep Problems

  • Stress

  • Anxiety related difficulties

  • PTSD

  • Phobias

  • Trauma

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

  • Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania/ Excoriation disorder

  • Long-term health conditions

  • Family problems and Relationship Difficulties

  • Polyamorous/Consensually non-monogamous & open relationships

  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

  • Young People (Age 16+)


  • Culturally Sensitive

  • Black & BME

  • Minority Stress

  • Oppression/racism

  • Religious Trauma

Academic Qualifications:

  • Evidence Based High Intensity CBT for Long Term Health Conditions (University of East Anglia)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (BABCP Accredited course), Distinction, Buckinghamshire New University

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in Primary Care, Liverpool John Moores University

  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Conversion for Graduates), Open University, BPS accredited, GBC.

  • MA in Historical Research, University of Liverpool

  • BA History (Hons), Queen Mary, University of London

Recent Continuous Professional Development Training:

Fostering Queer Joy: Affirming Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with LGBTQIA+ youth and their families, Bespoke Mental Health


Psychedelic-assisted therapy and clinical trial practice, Clerkenwell Health

New developments: Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies for OCD (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, The University of Cambridge)

Narrative Therapy: Foundations and Key Concepts (Alliant International University, Los Angeles)

Essentials in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity (GSRD), (Pink Therapy: Accredited by the National Council for Psychotherapists and The National Counselling Society)

Queer Counselling and Narrative Practice (Alliant International University, Los Angeles)

Regulating Emotion in Therapy with People with Persistent Depression (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, The University of Cambridge)

Treating Trauma Master Series (National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine)


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Conference (Cambridge COUPS)

What is Narrative Practice? (Dulwich Centre)


An Introduction to Narrative Therapy (Liaison Psychiatry Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust, Cambridge)


Understanding and Working With Self Harm (Centre 33)


Guided Self Help for Long Term health Conditions (CPFT)


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