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Feedback Shared:


"I had CBT sessions with Ruth for anxiety and depression and can only highly recommend her. Not only does she deliver effective CBT training but she tailors each session after what is most pressing and thus helps to cope with the next issues. Her compassionate, calm approach makes it easy to open up and I felt respected and in good hands all the time. "


"Ruth was very helpful, understanding and empathetic during my CBT sessions. She provided me with some useful tools to help manage various family situations. I'd highly recommend her. "


"I went to CBT for 6-7 weeks and it really helped the way I see things. We covered intrusive thoughts and how to tackle them as well as techniques to improve compassion and self esteem. We did an introduction to mindfulness which I continue doing. Our sessions lead to a reduction in the anxiety levels and I would strongly recommend it to anyone willing to see thing in a different less menacing light. "


"You have been a great help, and bought many positive ideas to my life. I feel more in control and definitely have less anger issues. So thank you again, and wish you well for the future".


"You have been amazing and I honestly don't think I could have done this journey on my own. I have a lot that I've taken on-board. Many thanks". 


"Recognising and acknowledging some of the really difficult and more hidden emotional responses I have had has enabled me to accept me and in some ways release myself from the struggles they left me with. I think you are a really wonderful therapist and wish you every success and happiness in the future". 


"CBT has helped me see my anxiety differently. I now have ways of coping better and no longer need to be ruled by it" 


"Ive found CBT very helpful, its given me a way to assess how I am and cope better. Its helped both me and my family positively" 


Mainly positive feedback. Ruth Parchment has been an extremely patient, supportive, and grounding therapist. I came into the practice feeling apprehensive and cynical of what could possibly come out of CBT especially given how overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable my mental health has felt for me. the consistency and dedication that Ruth has provided me and I learnt from her have been foundational for me to learn the necessary CBT tools I can rely on now for my daily life. I feel as though life isn’t so narrow and suffocating anymore, I feel more in control of myself and my circumstances. One of the most enlightening techniques Ruth taught me was self compassion and acceptance which I am excited to start applying more seriously and consistently in my life. Working with her has been transformative for me in so many ways!



It was great to be able to talk with Ruth through several difficult months and be able to use the tools and ideas we discussed in our sessions to cope with the pandemic, living in a new country far away from friends and family, the US presidential election (I'm American), and a variety of other big and small personal challenges.


Ruth was open and created a space where I felt comfortable. She was flexible to my needs and really helped me improve my mental health over the last 6 months. I feel confident to go forward using the skills and mechanisms I have learnt to deal with life. She had a really good understanding of the issues of young adults and approached all my problems and issues with an openness, acceptance and non-judgemental frame of mind. She encouraged me to give feedback and I felt confident to ask for a change in the methods used when I felt another technique could be more helpful. By doing a check in at the beginning and end of the therapy it was possible to track my improvement. I feel I am now in a much better place and I will definitely come back if I feel the need to do so. Thank you!! It has opened my mind and I will go forward practising these methods in my daily life.


Ruth has helped me immensely; I never thought that I would be able to better control my anxiety and eating disorder.


The CBT sessions (all by videocall) I had with Ruth were excellent, and exactly what I needed. In late 2020, I was experiencing a lot of health anxiety to the point where it was affecting my daily life, work and relationships. Arranging an initial session with Ruth was the best decision I could have made - I started feeling much better after only a few sessions. Ruth was kind, caring, professional and just great at her job! She was an excellent listener, asking just enough questions to start challenging the narratives I had built up inside my head over many months/years. She taught me several techniques to reframe the thoughts and feelings I was struggling with, and ultimately I think that is what has brought me to a much much happier place today. I would thoroughly recommend Ruth to anyone who is struggling with anxiety - I am very grateful for her help and feel very lucky that I found her!


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