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Myths about intrusive thoughts

There are some myths that surround intrusive thoughts. These include:

Myth 1: A person wants to act on these thoughts

Fact: People do not want to act on their intrusive thoughts

According to the ADAA, the opposite is true. The most dangerous myth surrounding intrusive thoughts is that they will lead to action.

Those experiencing these thoughts typically work hard to fight them, which results in the thoughts becoming persistent. The thoughts are at odds with the nature of the person thinking them.

Myth 2: All thoughts are worth examining

Fact: Thoughts do not always have a significant meaning

People do not have to see every thought as a sign or warning of something. Despite how these thoughts can make a person feel, they do not carry any meaning or desire. person does not have to live with intrusive thoughts.

If you are struggling with intrusive thoughts, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help a you change how they think and react to your thoughts.

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